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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Follow the Bouncing Malware: Gone With the WINS - Part II

Imagine, if you will, that you're the newest contestant on the latest reality-tv show, Idle American Apprentice to the Dancing Bachelorette Stars. Like all good reality shows (now there's an oxymoron...), you have the opportunity to "earn" your way to be safe from elimination (you know, that time of the evening when the grumpy, scowling dude with the bad comb-over says "You're Fired"®), if you can manage to "win" some sort of utterly contrived daily "challenge."

And, oh, what a challenge it is!

You're teamed up with a partner, who is blindfolded, given a cell phone, and driven to your home. After being spun around a few dozen times to mess with their sense of direction (and really, who doesn't like seeing dizzy, stressed-out people in blindfolds stumbling around in unfamiliar surroundings? Heck, that's how the missus and I spend many a Friday evening... uh... um... nevermind...) they're placed in some random room of your home. Using only the cell phone, you need to be the first contestant to somehow direct them to find the kitchen and make your pouty-lipped, rail-thin bachelorette a peanut-butter 'n' jelly sammich.

So, what do you do?

Obviously, before anyone will be slappin' Smuckers and Skippy on bread, there's going to need to be a whole lot o'back-and-forth on the phone-- first, as you try to figure out where they are, and then as you try to tell them how to get where they need to be. Remember, they can't see because they're blindfolded, so you'll need to rely on all of their other senses. You might start by asking them whether there is carpet on the floor, whether they hear the ticking of a clock... you might ask them to slowly walk around the room and to tell you what the furniture they find in the room feels like, etc... etc... The idea is, you have to start by trying to somehow figure out their location. Once you know where they are, then you can start to giving them some broad direction: "First, face the couch... then turn left. Walk forward until you get to the wall, and then move along it to your left until you find the door. Go out through the door and turn left..." Then, as you navigate them into the kitchen, you'll get increasingly specific: "open the third cupboard door to the left of the stove, the peanut butter is on the second shelf..."

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