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Friday, 1 May 2009

Notice of downtime

This is a notice of forthcoming downtime. I am planning to begin maintenance of the servers tomorrow morning at approx 0900 GMT.

The first server to go offline will be the hpHosts (* server. This should be back online by around 0930 GMT (got a buggered hand and arm, so depends on how long it takes me to do it all one handed).

The second server, * will go offline once the hpHosts server is brought back online, and will also be down for approx 30 mins.

Once those two are done, the mail server will go offline for approx 15-30 mins, whilst it's checked.

This downtime is to allow for replacement of cooling silicone gel, removal of any muck/dust etc, and cleaning out of the PSU's (I know you're not supposed to do that, just meant to leave them alone to die, but contrary to popular belief, stripping them down and cleaning them out periodically actually extends their life and improves performance).

All together, all maintenance should be completed by approx 1030/1100 GMT.

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