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Thursday, 21 May 2009 goes public!

It is with great pleasure that I announce the public opening of, a site created by my good friend Anthony, who also runs the Malware Web Threats blog. is a site much like Malware Domain List, in that it provides information on threats currently in the wild, and their associated IP's, ASN's and what not.

MalwareURL currently provides for researchers to find information based on a multitude of different needs, such as IP, domain name, ASN, registrant. For example, if we wanted to find domains involved in the poisoning I blogged about yesterday, we could simply pop over to MalwareURL, and enter the domain or IP involved;

This provides us with a list of the domains associated with the IP assigned to, a known rogue infection vector. If we click on Details, we see yet more information on this, such as the malicious URL's known to be available on the domains and the sites known to redirect to such, for example;

Anthony is still polishing the site, but so far, it's showing to be yet another excellent resource for researchers in the malware field. Take a ride over, and let him know what you think!


1 comment:

Beav said...

HI there, I fully support what Anthony iis doing at MalwareURL but if this is to be an effective resource, it needs keeping up to date. Our domain appears on MalwareURL's listings as an exploited site - the entries are outdated as we acquired the domain in Jan 2010 and the site is totally clean. I have tried to contact Anthony through the site but so far have had no response. I appreciate that he will be very busy but leaving in old entries like this opens him up to legal action. Like I said, I support what he is doing. Hopefully he might read this comment and respond?