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Thursday, 14 May 2009

FoxIt Reader officially malware!

I am saddened to report, recent behaviour by the FoxIt Reader developers, has shown they'd rather turn FoxIt into malware, to gain a few quid, than continuing to offer a viable alternative to Adobe Reader.

Because of this, FoxIt's sites will now be added to hpHosts with the EMD classification, as the behaviour documented by Paperghost, is the behaviour we expect from malware - NOT from legit applications.

Like many people, I've been digging around for alternatives to Adobe Reader in the wake of all those wonderful exploit related stories in the press recently.

Well, I'd heard Foxit mentioned quite a few times so off I went in search of fox-related goodness.

In case you haven't guessed, IT'S ALL ABOUT TO GO HORRIBLY WRONG.

See, here's the deal - if at any point during the install I see something I don't like, then I'm going to look for the escape route. You better provide me with an escape route, or I'm going to complain about you on the Internet.

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/edit 15-05-2009 13:37

I've just re-ran the FoxIt installer as the last time I checked the installer for the latest version, it installed the toolbar regardless and I wanted to post a video of this behaviour, this time it didn't - it took notice of my unchecking the boxes for the toolbar, homepage and eBay rubbish, and didn't install them.

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