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Monday, 4 May 2009

Please give me your password (aka how gullible are you?)

Interestingly, I've just been sent a phishing pack by a friend that found it on one of the many hacker forums, and surprise surprise, Facebook is included within it (shown left).

Bill's article is actually showing a huge problem with 90% of users on the internet - most WILL give out their login credentials when asked, will NOT look at who they're giving them to and DO use the same credentials for multiple websites (banks included!). This has been known for years, and many have tried to persuade users to both be more cautious, and use different passwords for different sites, yet few have taken notice as this is thought to be "too difficult". Sigh.

This week many of my friends on Facebook reported getting stung by yet another hacker trick to get someones name and password. Many received an Email with a message about something new on Facebook and received a link which appeared as it if was Facebook. Surprise, surprise it turned out to be a completely different website that just looked like the Facebook login page.

Simple tricks like this remain the most common distribution methods of deceptive programs and ID theft on the Internet. Once someone has your name and password, they have access to your valuable contact list. Your unsuspecting friends will start to recieve similar invitations and even downloadable files with every possible kind of malware. Many of your contacts will trust an attachment because they think it comes from somone they know.

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