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Thursday, 17 September 2009

ClamWin: How to lose more users ....

I really hope they don't go ahead with this. The second they do, I'm ripping ClamWin off of every machine I take care of, and never recommending it again.

If ClamWin will finalized it to include ClamWin Free AntiVirus with Ask Toolbar, it's sad to see another security vendor's software will be added in Products with Ask Toolbar which means we will no longer post updates information about it as our signal of protesting against Security Software bundling their installers with unwanted toolbar and flag as Ad-ware or unwanted by other security vendors and malware scanners. Not to mention that this adds unnecessary component in the system of people who has no idea whether the toolbar is required (Many beginners fall into this and they are the most impacted) and instead of the program to hunt for unwanted stuff, it will add unwanted and unnecessary stuff? Geez. Can't you just use other toolbar that has no "debatable" or "suspect" status?

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