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Thursday, 24 September 2009

Senpai IT Solutions killed malicious servers

I'm happy to report, after identifying yet more malicious activity on Senpai IT Solutions network, and sending another e-mail to them, Senpai IT Solutions have informed me they've now completely disabled the servers for the following; - - - - -

You'll no doubt already be aware that these have a recent history of malicious activity, and I'd like to thank Siarhei at Senpai for taking action and shutting them down.


I'll be continuing to monitor their network, and have asked him to shut down another couple of servers involved ( and, so we'll see what else pops up.

/edit 23:12

Little update, I've had a response from Siarhei to inform me .43 has been disabled aswell, and .154 was apparently formatted and sold to someone else two weeks ago (there's been no activity on that IP, within the last two weeks, so obviously the new owner isn't malicious (so far)).

References: - The rogues love MDL!

Web Poisoning: Youtube video lead to Rogue Antispyware - Antivirus360

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