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Thursday, 10 September 2009

Dear Symantec .....

... ever wonder how most people get infected via the interweb? (ignoring of course, P2P and e-mail). Yep - because ActiveX is enabled! This allows them to view pretty flash and Silverlight websites, but alas, it also allows the pretty much automated infection via driveby, PDF and Flash based exploits etc.

So my dear Symantec, what on earth posessed you to develop a website that is 100% Flash dependant? Indeed, I'd like to know why more and more security companies, who claim to want to protect their customers, are requring scripts and ActiveX be enabled to do something as simple as surf most of their websites?.

Incase you're all wondering what on earth I'm going on about, the website in question is, which I found courtesy of honeyblog. Try and view it with ActiveX disabled - go on - I dare you! (I'll save you the trip - you can't).

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