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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Network downtime (sorry folks)

Sorry about the downtime around 10-15 mins ago folks. I was switching the servers over to the new 4 port KVM (previously had 2 x 2 port KVM's for them).

I was also informed earlier, that the guy from the electricity came round yesterday and turned the electricity off for approx 10 mins, without giving anyone time to shut down the servers (yep, I'm extremely annoyed at them).

The vURL Online server is still running very slowly (took > 10 mins to boot), so that's next on my list to be replaced/upgraded (looked at new servers but they were extremely expensive (over £2000 for the cheapest one I saw), so am going to buy the parts seperately instead as I can do it alot cheaper that way (can get a new machine put together for around £450-£500)).

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