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Thursday, 10 September 2009

FileInsight updated

There's a new version of FileInsight available folks;

Today we released the new version 2.1 of McAfee FileInsight. You can download your free copy from the Avert Tools site. FileInsight is a handy integrated tool environment for web site and file analysis. Hex editing, syntax highlighting, and it comes with several built-in decoders, built-in calculator, a disassembler, JavaScript scripting support, a Python-based plugin system and many more.

Let’s go through some stages of an exemplary malware attack to highlight some of its analysis features – but don’t try this stunt at home, unless you know what you’re doing; a safe, isolated lab environment is absolutely mandatory for any such research work.

Read more + Download

Kudos to SysAdMini for the heads up!

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