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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

YoHost/Piradius (again): and scam

Seems Piradius never learn. and appear to be two fake domain appraisal companies being "recommended" to domain owners as part of a long-running scam which we have touched on many times before. was created on 12th September to an anonymous registrant, hosted on at Katz Global Singapore. It's a copy of which is hosted on at well-known black hat hosts

He mentions the spams originating IP as being, which of course, has a PTR pointing to a range on ThePlanet ( Hosts: (now fails to resolve) is a copy of and, which are at and respectively. is also listed on the following blacklists;


I did a little digging on the CNET, and found quite a few malicious domains, including a few that have been reported to the IWF.

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