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Monday, 5 October 2009

3G, and a little "woops"

It's official, the 3G mobile connection I've got is without a doubt, the second worst WiFi connection I've ever used (the worst of course, being the WiFi I was trying to use whilst on the train on the way down here). It's proven to be about as reliable as a politician and about as stable as AOL's software.

I was planning on both getting work done, and doing another crimeware friendly ISP blog, but these are going to have to wait until the connection becomes alot more stable (it's refusing to most sites, the VOIP is about as coherant as a Geordie, and newsgroups, MSN and e-mail are constantly cutting out). As such, if you've been contemplating getting one of these, let me do you a favour and give some advice - don't (and if you really really must, then for christs sake, go with PAYG (one I've got isn't PAYG, "expires" in 52 days apparently (no wonder it came with 12GB usage - it's nowhere near stable or reliable enough to use anywhere near that (I've only used 2GB in the several months I've had it)).

But anyway, I digress, it seems I forgot the 3rd anniversary of my taking over hpHosts. I took over hpHosts officially on October 5th 2006, and it continues to be both a great source of fun, and a major satisfaction provider. I'm not much of a talker, so I'll leave it there.

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