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Monday, 5 October 2009

Oh the joys .....

Well, I'm on the train now and just taken 30 mins to connect to the trains WiFi (what a faff on), and to top it off, the damn socket doesn't work so the laptops battery is likely going to die long before I get to London.

Got a piddly little table that's around a quarter the size of the laptop, so it's bouncing around like a lunatic and trying to slide everywhere every 2 seconds.

No socket and almost useless wifi (oh and, why is the Blogspot toolbar at the top of the blog, displaying in a completely different bleedin language?). May aswell have just gotten the coach.


Yipee! found a working plug socket :o)

/edit 06-10-09 01:12

Well, I've gotten here earlier than expected, and thankfully so as I got lost on the tube again. Not as bad as last time thankfully, just ended up at Wembley Park station instead of the arena station. Even better however, I've found a hotel to stay in for the night that's almost half the price of the previous one (£52 instead of £100), so have somewhere to stay for the night too, and I've just met some folks in the elevator on the way up to the room, that are here for the conference too (means they can show me where I've got to go tomorrow - the stadium is ALOT bigger than I thought (had to walk round it before I found this place)).

Well, I've got alot of work to do before the conference, so just had a smoke, have my coffee and have the music on.

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cconniejean said...

Enjoy your trip, sounds fun so far :O)