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Friday, 23 October 2009

October hpHosts release, and other "stuff"

You may be wondering where the October release of hpHosts has wandered off to. Let me assure you, it's not gone on holiday, it's not gone to Vulcan and it's not gotten itself lost on the tube (that's my job ;o)).

Due to server issues and work, amongst other things, the October release of hpHosts is due for release on Tuesday (I would say Monday, but want to give myself some room). It's been going through the first stage of validation since yesterday. A little later than I'd hoped, but better late than err, later.

On the subject of hpHosts, I've looked at conversion MySQL for the DB, but am having to look at alternative ways of doing things as some of the SQL queries I use for Access, don't work for MySQL/MSSQL. I'll be working on this on an on-going basis, and once the conversion is done, you'll not actually notice any downtime as it will be done without any interruption to service.

I'll be going away again next Thursday however, as I'm attending the MVP Open day in Reading from October 29th-31st. After a 10 hour stop over in Birmingham (waiting for the train - yippee!) on the way back, I'll be back finally, on November 1st.

There was something else I meant to mention, but it's skipped my mind at the moment, so if it decides to come back, I'll update this post.

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