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Thursday, 8 October 2009

hpHosts server

Just a note folks, the hpHosts server is in the process of being rebooted due to a major resource overload (it's actually taking over 15 mins just for it to shutdown ready for restart).

Apologies for the disruption.


Just an update, the server has been rebooted, and I've reconfigured it to try and allow for the extremely high traffic (around 3 times the amount of a few days ago), but sadly, it's not going too well, with the server constantly spending it's CPU time at around 80-90% usage. I've got a backup machine that I can use to try and lighten the load for now, so am going to get that setup and some of it spread over, as soon as I can.

/edit 16:58

Oks, I've setup the backup machine and moved over hpHosts (forums are still on the original server). I think I've remembered everything, but if you notice anything wrong, please do let me know.


Oldstyle said...

I've just received my Windows Secret newsletter and the top story mentions hphosts with a link to the site. I suspect this will step up the traffic considerably.

Good luck with the server issue.

redwolfe_98 said...

hey stephen.. regarding the hpHosts website, at the website, i am not able to pull up the "partial" update to the hpHosts HOSTS file, or open the hpHosts forum webpages..

i appreciate the work that you are doing with the hpHosts HOSTS file..

MysteryFCM said...

Cheers guys :o)

Not sure why the forums wouldn't be working (they're working fine at this end :o( ).

I know there's still extremely high traffic on the hpHosts server itself however, so it's running alot slower than normal at present :o(