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Friday, 9 October 2009

WinPatrol 2010

Bill has announced today, the release of WinPatrol 2010 (v17.0.2010.0), currently available to Plus users only, with general availability due on Monday.

If you're a Plus user, download it now, no uninstallation is required (aslong as you shut down the current WinPatrol process prior to installation).

What's New

Additional Support for Firefox 3 and Google Chrome

Since Firefox 3 changed from cookie.txt to SQLite database format Scotty hasn't been hungry for Firefox cookies. Support for Firefox 3 has been the single most requested features. Turns out I was able to include support for the SQLite format without increasing the size of WinPatrol.exe. While I was at it I also included support for Google Chrome which also uses SQLite to store their cookies.

Reduced Memory Footprint

The monitor component of WinPatrol has been optimized and shrunk so WinPatrol.exe is now only 314 KB instead of its previous 336 KB size. I’m confident you won't find a smaller Windows system monitor as powerful as WinPatrol.

Up to 30% Faster Performance (Sorry PLUS Only)

Real-time scanning uses 30% less CPU than the polling provided by the free version. The real-time component has been optimized using more direct machine language then its original C coding.

Conflict reduction with other security applications.

Contrary to the warnings by AV suites, Scotty has always worked and play well with others. WinPatrol.exe has been optimized to handle the results of any Windows hooks in its own code space reducing any conflicts created by other security programs.

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Download (You'll need your Plus username and code)

1 comment:

cconniejean said...

Thank you for the heads up. I ran the free version for awhile then upgraded. Great product.