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Saturday, 3 October 2009

Going away on Monday

Just a note folks, I've been invited to the Microsoft Technical Launch for Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Microsoft Exchange 2010 at Wembley Stadium on Tuesday, and due to the time I need to be there, will be getting the train on Monday.

Annoying part of course is, the train will be getting me to Wembley for 0130 on Tuesday morning, and I've done a bit of research and the hotel is out as it's £100 per day apparently (just got off the phone with them), there's apparently nothing at the station itself (no cafe, no staff and no WiFi), so I'm trying to find a cafe or something nearby (I'll settle for a 24/7 McDonalds if I have to, lol), that I can go to for the 7-8 hours I'll be waiting (I actually need to be at the stadium for 0830, so if I can't find anything, I'll be buggered for 7 hours, lol, fantastic!).

I'll have the 3G dongle with me, and there's apparently free WiFi on the train itself, but will be offline all of Monday daytime, and some of the evening (train back is not until 1830 or some such, and I've only got 2 mins apparently, to switch from the Wembley > London - London > Newcastle train (yipee!)), but should be back home for Wednesday (assuming I don't miss the train).

Got lost the last time I was in London (lost for 4 hours on the tube to be precise), so not exactly looking forward to the travelling part of this.


Join the UK Technical Launch at Wembley Stadium, and experience our latest innovations

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