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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

AV's throwing virus warnings for the hpHosts blog and forums

This is a quick note for those of you seeing virus warnings for the hpHosts blog and forums. These are false positives, and are caused by the AV's detecting the malicious codes posted (obviously a good thing), but evidently not realising that they're not able to do any harm.

Avast, Avira and the developers of LinkScanner have been contacted. In the meantime, if it will make you feel safer (and indeed I'd recommend doing it anyway), disable scripts when visiting the blog/forums.


Whilst doing some testing, I've noticed Avira (what I've got) only flags it when the blog is loaded in Trident based shells such as Avant Browser/Internet Explorer (with or without scripts enabled) - it doesn't flag it when loaded in Opera.

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