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Sunday, 21 September 2008 Users - There's a new support forum for you!

I've been speaking to Josh, who runs, and we've setup a new support forum for those users that use his database, and may require help or such with it, along of course, with those who are listed (IP, username or e-mail) and would like to request removal.

The support forums are located at the hpHosts Support Forums, and require free registration before being allowed to post (for obvious reasons).

fSpamList Support

In addition to this, with the help of SysAdMini (MalwareDomainList), I've also modified a PHP script written by Smurf_Minions, to allow it to be used by those that would not only like to be able to check e-mail/IP/usernames against the SFS database, but would also like to check them against the fSpamList database aswell;

[CODE] Querying the fSpamList and StopForumSpam databases

1 comment:

Joshua Friesen said...

Hey thanks for this! I've already updated the menu on fspamlist to link to the new forum. Awesome!