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Wednesday, 10 September 2008

So THATS why the network is slow ....

... and here's me thinking something other than the current attacks and high traffic were to blame - alas nope, they aren't the only things wrong, as mentioned by the following e-mail thats just come in from my ISP;

Service: ADSL Dial
Posted: Wed, Sep 10 2008 at 14:35:48
Subject: Problems affecting Broadband connections in Northumberland

BT have told us that they have declared a state of MBORC (Matter Beyond Our Reasonable Control) in Northumberland, after a months rainfall fell in the space of a day on September 9th.

The exchanges affected are:

- Newcastle
- Benton
- Kenton
- North Shields
- Wallsend
- Prudhoe
- Gosforth
- Blythe
- Whitley Bay

BT have stated: " We have already increased the number of engineers working in the Northumberland area and provided we do not experience further severe weather, recovery to normal fault levels is expected by the start of next week. We will continually review the position with regard to assurance and our aim is to rescind this declaration of MBORC as soon as possible.

In addition to the declaration for the Northumberland area, individual instances of MBORC arising from flood damage or inability to access our network may be declared, for example where a network cabinet has been flooded."

This may mean that if you have a fault in one of these areas, that the BT response time will be slower than normal due to the increase in faults that they are experiencing.

We'll let you know once we've had any further update from BT regarding this situation.

Kind Regards,

James Bailey
Customer Support

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