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Sunday, 7 September 2008

vURL Online updated .... again

I've just done another quick update to vURL Online .... this time, I've added options to enable/disable;

1. Parsing links
2. Displaying source code
3. Checking blacklists

Still to come is an option to select the country that vURL should identify itself as coming from. This option is to be provided to allow for bypassing those malicious servers that use Geo-tracking to determine whether or not to serve exploit-X, exploit-Y or some-other-random-content.

I'm currently looking for non-UK servers to host the proxy script required for this. If you'd like to host a copy of the script, please do let me know. All the script has to do is;

1. Accept URL and User agent params using GET (NOT POST!!) request
2. Return site content

Nothing more complex than that.

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