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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

hpHosts - The largest removal to date!

I'm running the final pass validation for the latest release of hpHosts as I write this, and I've noticed something over the last week. When I started the validation process, there was around 4800 or so domains not resolving. Up to this current pass, thats been reduced to just over 4000. However, all of these have thus far, failed to resolve.

This makes it by far, the biggest removal to date for hpHosts. Whether this is directly connected to the Atrivo/Intercage/Est Domains farce is anyone's guess, but I'm betting it's certainly got alot to do with it.

The final pass should be done within the hour, and once those still not resolving are moved from the database, to a monitoring list, I'll begin the prep for the actual release itself - hopefully this should be out by 23:00 (approx 3 hours or so)


The final number removed is: 4075

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