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Friday, 26 September 2008

Kentucky (secretly) commandeers world's most popular gambling sites

I tend to agree with alot of the commenters to the article, that this has far reaching implications, and Kentucky shouldn't have been allowed to do this. However, I've also got a more important question - why didn't they go after the sites that actually infect people? That would've been a much better idea.

The state of Kentucky has seized control of some of the world's most popular gambling domain names courtesy of a state judge who issued a secret ruling last week ordering registrars to transfer 141 internet addresses to the state's top law enforcement official.

The order (PDF) by Franklin County Circuit Judge Thomas Wingate applies to sites including,, and The websites, many of which are operated outside US borders, stand accused of illegally making their services available to Kentucky citizens. Already, whois records list as the rightful property of J. Michael Brown, the Justice and Public Safety secretary who filed the lawsuit. At time of writing, and the handful of other affected websites we checked appeared to be offering unfettered online gambling services.

Read the full article at El Reg;

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