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Thursday, 18 September 2008

Penguin Panic!

Thar be a new infected e-mail floating round folks. This one comes with a variety of subjects, and so far, a single zip -, which of course, contains an executable (14K) of the same name.

The executable does contain a little string that seems to lay claim to it's origins being those of "Botnet Jack";

Subjects I've seen thus far;

Take a break!
Apple: The most popular game!
iPhone's most popular game!
Apple presents iPhone games!
Play iPhone on your PC today.

Content of the e-mails that I've seen thus far include;

Beet my score! (7000 points)!
Steve Jobs presents iPhone!
Take a break!
Famous iPhone games!
iPhone's most popular game!

Needless to say folks, if you receive this, delete it!


hi, botnet Jack here

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