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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Alert: Phishing scam targets Orange customers

A phishing scam targetting Orange customers dropped into my inbox earlier (well the Junk mail box as Outlook flagged it), which shows the following website, which *appears* to have been hacked, wanting you to enter your oh so lovely details, which then of course, will be used to scam the living daylights out of you, and subject you to identity theft fraud.

The site is running Joomla (woops, do I detect a Joomla exploit?) for a site in some country I've never heard of, Armenia. I say appears to have been hacked of course, because the address on the website points to somewhere completely different, and even has a different domain name. The WhoIs isn't helpful here as it's hidden by One and One's privacy service.

What is rather interesting here, is that they've left the adverts in there, so Orange will still get click benefits.

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