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Sunday, 9 August 2009

Fake Microsoft e-mails: From RapidShare to orlandoula

It would seem, after took down the malware that the links in those lovely fake e-mails, the bad guys decided enough was enough, and have now reverted back to using non-file hosting sites to distribute the malware.

Don't fret though, they're still using, so feel free to blackhole it.

The latest one I've received, which was received a couple mins ago, has the obligatory URL (, which then leads you to;


VirusTotal results: currently lives at (AS14242, The domain was registered in 2007, so it's likely the site was hacked (though it does beg the question of why it's still got a "website coming shortly" message on it's homepage).


Alert: Malicious Microsoft e-mail using and RapidShare

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