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Saturday, 1 August 2009

How NOT to send a removal request ....

I had a removal request from the owner of earlier, and due to his method of asking for removal, I thought I'd note a few little things that you should NOT do when sending me a removal request;

1. DO NOT send more than one removal request

If I don't respond in 24 hours, then fine, send it again as chances are it was either caught in my junk mail and accidentally deleted with the spam, never made it through to me (sometimes mail just goes AWOL on it's way to me ...), or I've simply not gotten to it yet (I get a slew of mail, and whilst I try to get them all responded to within 24-48 hours, sometimes it's simply not possible).

Sending a removal request 6 times in under 5 minutes is just going to annoy me, it's not going to get responded to any quicker than the first one will.

2. DO NOT threaten to sue me

Little tip for you, threatening people will never look good for you. Be nice.


Little hint, if you want me to remove your website from the blacklist, I need to be able to review it in order to determine whether or not the addition to the database was an error or not - can't do that if you've banned my network's IP address (yes, I could just use a proxy or my alternate internet connection, but why force me to? that doesn't exactly show me you're legit now does it?).


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