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Saturday, 1 August 2009

WARNING: Malware Domain List has a new impersonator

Holger over at MDL has warned of a new impersonator, whose sole purpose is to infect the living daylights out of those that unwittingly mistype the MDL domain. The impersonator is;


Which takes you to a fake warning at;

This leads to the payment page at;

Which redirects to:

The certificate for this one is provided by Thawte (seems these certification authorities aren't learning .......).

Also referenced:

IP: (previously at:


Attention !! Malwaredomainlist(s).com distributes Rogue AV

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Anonymous said...

I tried to see is my AV bitdefender catches this type and from what i see the antiphishing does it s job good .yuppy
In any case thanks for the info i like to test my AV to see if it s up to date with the news threats.

Jonny be good like ;) tally ho

MysteryFCM said...

Always a pleasure ;o)