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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Spambot Search Tool: Notice to all users

This is a notice to all those using the Spambot Search Tool. As of around a week or so ago, fSpamlist started requiring an API key for querying the fSpamlist database.

Obviously, because of this, the last SBST update, included a new special URL to allow me time to convert the SBST over to the new API. This obviously will have meant that those that have still not upgraded to SBST v0.36, will not see normal functionality when it queries fSpamlist.

To stop me rambling, I'll get to the point. As of the next SBST update, you will be required to enter an API key before the SBST will query the FSL database (this will obviously require a change to config.php).

I'll post more on this in due course.

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