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Saturday, 1 August 2009

Dear VPSLand ...

... and all of you other companies that think it fun to have reports sent to abuse@yourdomain, not actually result in an e-mail as we know e-mails, but instead result in an autoresponse pointing to a TICKET SYSTEM that requires the reported LOGIN to view - STOP IT!.

Abuse e-mail addresses are there for one purpose - reporting abuse, which means there should be no need for a ticketing system. If you require further details from the reporter, an e-mail to them is going to be far better than asking them to check a ticket that they cannot access.

VPSLand for example, I tried reporting an IP address within their range, that is currently being used and abused, by a spammer. The autoreply I received, told me to monitor the following;

Which results in;

And of course, the autoresponse, does not provide any login details for me to use (though, basing it on past experience, that wouldn't help either);

Steven Burn,
Your ticket has now been received. One of our staff members will review it and reply accordingly. Listed below are the details of this ticket. Please make sure the Ticket ID remains in the subject at all times.

For faster assistance with your issue, please provide the following information if you have not already done so:
- VPS Operating System:
- VPS Root/Administrator Password:
- VPS IP Address:

Ticket ID: YAN-580920
Subject: Abuse report and advice
Department: Support
Priority: Medium
Status: Open

You can check the status or reply to this ticket online at:
Thank you, Support

The spammer, incase you're wondering, is this chap, who thinks it fun to impersonate security companies;

Also seen within the past 15 mins, using (Global Net Access), which lead me to an Indian company (, which leads to a few other sites which look to be by the same person(s)).


A little update folks, VPSLand responded to me to inform me they've terminated this user.

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