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Thursday, 20 August 2009

IMPORTANT: Notice of downtime

Just a note folks, I've just been made aware of pending downtime that will be occuring when the electricity company comes to upgrade the circuits.

When is this occuring?

This will be occuring as of 0700 GMT August 21st.

How long will it last?

I do not currently know how long it will last, but estimates so far suggest the electricity board should be finished by 08:30, meaning the network should be back online around 0900 GMT.

Sites affected


Other services affected

sGB - Mail server (i.e. new guestbook notifications, new registrations)
sURL - hpHosts access for querying blacklisted domains
Spambot Search Tool - fSpamlist queries
hpObserver - hpHosts queries

I've still got a mobile internet dongle and the laptop, so will update you if it is going to take any longer (I'll not know until the guy from the electric board tells me).

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