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Tuesday, 4 August 2009 One of the crimeware friendly companies?

Or just coincidence? First and foremost, we're aware of their past spammy behaviour, but as a spam e-mail a few minutes ago shows, they're deliberately doing this, so are well aware of it.

This does sort of explain why so many criminals are flocking to them for domains and hosting - as a reply from them to one of my fellow researchers shows, simply won't do anything about it unless the court forces them.

The following for example, which is a scam e-mail I received, points to, which was also registered through;

My name is Alex Woodman and I am the C.E.O of Bonilla Associate based in United Kingdom, My company is a world class finance firm that handles the financial activities of multinational company all over the world. Presently,our company needs representatives in Canada, America and Europe that will represent the company, take care of all the company affairs and activities. The representative will collect payment from creditors. As our representative you will receive 10% of any money that is made by the company and a further $2,500 monthly after a probation period of 3 months,that will be how you will be paid by the company and the balance money will be remited to the company account. If you are interested in our offer,get back to us with these following information to enable us open a recruitment file for you in Bonilla Associate as our representative in your Country.
If interested please reply with the informations below to email:

1.Full Name.
2. FULL POSTAL ADDRESS (including, city, state and zipcode):
3.Your Phone and Fax Number.
4.Date of Birth.
5.Present Occupation
Please reply only if you are willing or having the capacity to work with us as a part-time worker.No fees is needed for application.
Best Regards
Alex Woodman, President

And this is before we get into the sites on their IP range serving malware (not many at present, but the list is growing).

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