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Saturday, 27 September 2008

PRMF: 0, good guys: 1

Okay, so I don't have a really cool name like The Goddamn Batman, nor do I have a beat stick - but I do take a rather perverse pleasure none the less, in shutting down idiots that are stupid enough to ask on the WOT forums, if their sites rating can be changed to green instead of yellow.

I am of course, talking about PRMF, who in August, wrote (partial quote) in the WOT forums;

I know, this website have SPAM this forum, but the owner don´t know that, and says SORRY in name of all the comunity...
But it´s a safe forum... Why yellow?
Please,check this....

Two problems here, firstly, the person posting this IS the owner of the site in question so either he's talking about himself in the third person, or he thinks those in the WOT forums are stupid ...... sadly further on, we saw it was actually the latter, when after being shown some of the problems with his site, he wrote;

The section XXX is only available to users over 18 per registration, no child has access to the areas , and that comments is to try make my rating up... If they was wrong, i´m sorry and coul delete them? Thanks...

In its in big red letters that
"O PRMF Fórum não se responsabiliza pelo conteúdo de qualquer site em baixo. São da exclusiva responsabilidade de cada um dos seus autores"
in english:
"The PRMF Forum is not responsible for the content of any site below. They are the sole responsibility of each of its author"

then all those websites are not of my responsibility and I have nothing to do with it and her contents ...

Thanks you!


In this particular comment, he was referring to the malware I showed him he was linking to, and the XXX section of his site, that was (contrary to his claims), available to kids (more on this further on) - naughty naughty. Further to this, he stupidly admitted that he commented so many times, on his sites scorecard, in order to try and manipulate the sites rating - this isn't going to well so far, and it's about to get worse.

On September 1st, he proudly mentioned his XXX section was gone - and it was, so we focused on the other problem - his sites offering warez. Whilst researching his site a little more, I noticed an increasing issue with the account I was using. Mentioning this on the WOT forums, he claimed my account had not been deleted, but infact, had been put back into verification - then an e-mail from his site proved my original theory of his deleting my account, correct;

Translated version of the e-mail;

"You received this email autopilot because its account at "..::: PRMF Forum :::.." -- hxxp:// has just been excluded.
To know precisely the reasons for exclusion, contact the administrator."


"Você recebeu este e-mail automatico porque a sua conta em "..::: PRMF Fórum :::.." - hxxp:// acabou de ser excluída.
Para conhecer precisamente os motivos da exclusão, entre em contato com o administrador."

Woops? Way to look legit there - lock out the researcher. Unfortunately for this idiot, he obviously didn't realize that it simply takes a matter of milliseconds to create a new account.

On September 2nd, I decided to check his site again, and was surprised to find he'd re-included the XXX section (obviously he'd not gotten rid of it - just hidden it as all the content was still there). Mentioning this on the forums and further mentioning the fact his site was still offering warez, I was not surprised to note that to date - he's not been back. Evidently realizing that researchers aren't newbie's that can be fooled so easily.

On September 23rd, I decided to revisit the site to see what if anything, had changed. Sadly, it had only changed for the worse. His site was still offering warez, still allowing kids to access the porn section - and now made matters worse as I found a couple of the posts in the XXX section that were quite clearly child pornography.

Warez was bad enough, allowing kids to access porn is bad enough - but to allow your users to post what is blatantly underage porn is unforgivable - and not something I take lightly. I decided enough was enough and reported his site not only to MET (UK Police), but also to CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre) and the IWF (Internet Watch Foundation).

Further to this, I also reported his site to the company that provided his forums, their upstream provider, and their registrars. The reason I did not report this only to the company providing these forums is that in the past when I've done this, it's resulted in nothing being done. By taking a multi-pronge approach, it almost always guarantees someone is going to do something.

Thankfully my approach worked as checking the site again on September 27th, I was presented with the following notice;


I didn't get a reply from anyone I reported the site to, and to be honest - I'm not bothered - something was done, that's the main thing.


Yellow? Scorecard

Reporting Child Pornography

IWF (Internet Watch Foundation)

CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre)

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

International Agencies


DJPRMF said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MysteryFCM said...

Aww, did I annoy the pirate? (nice to see you're err ..... unoriginal)

And err, it's got no people now ...... it's not there anymore. Don't worry though, I've not forgotten about you yet - my next target is your blog. Wonder which of them I should go for first?

This one?

Or this one?

Unknown said...

Strange reaction, though: "Thanks for report the website...."..?

Does he actually want to thank you? I doubt it, but perhaps his english not so good..?

MysteryFCM said...

Rofl, I was wondering that myself .... <vbg>

DJPRMF said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MysteryFCM said...

downdream isn't yours huh? Funny that - your blogger profile says otherwise.

As for why block, it could be that you're using it to promote warez, or it could be that you're using it to promote warez ...... or ..... well, you get the idea.

Oh and, you may have other sites, but rest assured, I'll find and close them all - I'm persistent like that.

DJPRMF said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DJPRMF said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MysteryFCM said...

I've had more important things to be concerned with so nope, not found any others so far - and to be honest, can't be bothered looking (again, got more important things to be concerned with than chasing down a pirate).