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Saturday, 4 October 2008

Directi have suspended!

Interestingly, whilst they didn't respond to the abuse e-mail I sent, DirectI have responded to my previous article - by suspending, yipee!


This is with reference to the article dated Friday, 3 October 2008, "Directi and HostFresh still supporting criminals! "

The Domain name CR4NK.US has been suspended and taken down. The customer account is also under investigation for illicit domain names.

We would like to know more about your attempts to contact DirectI before making these remarks. Please update us with the email address from which you tried contacting us. We are asking this because we have a 24x7 abuse team that would have at lease acknowledged your request.

Aman Masjide
DirectI Abuse Desk

He's asked about the e-mail address I used - I've responded to his e-mail to let him know (DOH! it was abuse{AT}directi(DOT)com, same as last time), but either way it's great to see cr4nk's site shut down yet again! :o)

1 comment:

TeMerc said...

So do these guys, Estdomains, Atrivo, Intercage et. al, all use the same shitty 24\7 abuse service or what?

I've never heard of so many 24\7 services that rarely if ever send replies to researchers or other complainants.