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Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Reporting abuse to APS Telecom/3FN? Your wasting your time

I reported one of their customers some time ago, and after receiving absolutely no response, decided to try other methods of contacting them - both via telephone and MSN, neither resulted in my being able to get in touch with them.

Because of this, I went above their heads, and got in touch with their upstream provider, They sent the following to their customer;

AboveNet has received a notification from a concerned party that suggests they were sent a virus/malware from an IP address associated with your network. All pertinent data is included below. In an effort to resolve this issue as quickly as possible, we request your assistance investigating this activity.

We would appreciate your immediate attention and response to this matter.

AboveNet reserves the right to block all service from this IP until a resolution is received.

This resulted in my receiving a CC of APS/3FN's reply to;

Thank you for information. We checked up information about sites which led in attachment.

Site of cleared ot illegal information.
Site of closed.

On other sites we did not find out illegal activity or materials. If you have more other more detailed information about it I will extremely thank if you will give her.

We did not get before letters ot [REMOVED].

Sergey Dubenco
icq # 108371

Where [REMOVED] is my e-mail address.

Sergey's response however, is absolute rubbish as I DID send them reports of abuse, and have copies of the reports I sent them. More interestingly, Sergey also seems to have completely ignored the other sites I reported, instead opting to mention only two of them.

Annoyed with Sergey's response, I sent him the following reply (CC'd to;

Mr Dubenco,
Thank you for your e-mail.

I am very surprised that you could not find malicious content on the sites I referenced, as there are plenty of sites providing evidence of such. For example;

There is even documented evidence of abuse from a wider selection of your IP block;

As to your not receiving an e-mail from me, I sent the following to on October 5th, and then again on October 10th 2008 (Subject: "Abuse report for"). Ref:

The following is the content of that e-mail;

Ref: (IP:, Registrar: Enom, Host: APS Telecom

I am reporting this group as they are actively involved in illegal activity such as hacking MSN/ICQ/AIM/MySpace/Yahoo/Hotmail and Gmail accounts;

The Hotmail hacks thread

The Yahoo hacks thread

The Gmail hacks thread


Further to this, they are also heavily involved in SQL exploits and RFI (Remote File Injection) attacks;

Further to this, they are also involved in hacking bank accounts, such as;

Since this website is hosted in the US, this e-mail has also been CC'd to the FBI.

And what did Sergey have to say about this? Well, absolutely nothing it seems, as I've received no further response. I've re-sent this a few mins ago.

I've just got off the phone with a few minutes ago as I've severely lost patience with APS/3FN, and they've advised me that their abuse dept will give me a call back. I'll let you know what transpires.

Needless to say, just like, APS Telecom/3FN, seem to be more interested in the money they are making from their customers, than dealing with abuse.


ndy702 said...

lol stfu if u dont want me to take down your pathetic site down

MysteryFCM said...

I'm immune to idol threats from skiddie idiots. Especially those without a basic grasp of English grammar.

davemartin7777 said...

Down they go.

It's amazing it took this much time, eh?