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Thursday, 23 October 2008

Awww, guess I hurt their feelings

Seems I've annoyed someone .... not long after posting this, I received a rather funny e-mail from "bigboss" ( containing;

you fail miserably
gtfo with you and your fucking shit

Not sure what I fail at, but it's as funny as hell. Intruiged, I decided to reply to our dear skiddie and see what he had to say for himself, to which he replied;

oh not at all
well im thinking about hacking your site how does it sound?

Okay, so apparently I didn't hurt his feelings - which begs the question of why he felt compelled to send me the first e-mail to begin with. Sheer boredom perhaps? Who knows - either way I'm enjoying myself immensely.


Reporting abuse to APS Telecom/3FN? Your wasting your time

Enom - Another bleedin joke!

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