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Friday, 24 October 2008

We've got some celebrating to do - is gone!

I am very happy to report, after some back and forth between myself, and Baltic Internet Solutions (, is officially gone!

Dear Mr. Burn,

Our customer has removed this site from their network.

AboveNet deems this matter as closed.


AboveNet Communications, Inc.
Policy Enforcement

Perhaps next time you fancy illegal activity, and then HTTP flooding the person taking you down - you'll think twice?


TeMerc said...

Nice work!

Lil skiddies think they can get away with that kinda crap? I.DON'T. THINK.SO.

Bharath M Narayan said...

Nice work Dude!

I think you had a good time playing around :)

ndy702 said...

Officiall gone?
dont make me laugh

Novalok said...

Hey this is an admin, And we are not down sir, actually we are up and running fine. So i am guessing Celebration over?

H4x0r Security Group said...

i dont know why he is so happy but anyway.... I.D.G

Unknown said...

We are up and running, and if you think that anyone gives two shits about your unwarranted self importance, you've got another thing coming douchebag.
You are probably upset because one of our members pwned you and gave you massive amounts of butthurt. Get over it.


Unknown said...

You, Sir are made of aids and fail. We are up and running. Fuck your unwarranted self importance. You are probably just nerdraged because one of our members pwnd you and now you have massive amounts of butthurt. Get over it. You are just asking for it.