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Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Skiddiealysis - Analyzing skiddie scanners

I came across this early this morning but was far too shattered to post about it ..... so several hours and some sleep later, here it is. This comes courtesy of;

Due to the international nature of the blogging entry, it will be in english, for some non-dutch speaking internet users might be interested in it's contents. Some time ago, SavageTiger blogged about the RFI bot attacks against our servers, and the internet in general. I decided to take a look, interested in the concept of automated RFI scanners and PHP-based bots. Although the groups behind it turned out to be rather dissapointing, and I encountered a lot of horribly written code, it was a rather interesting ride as well. Let us first look at the bot SavageTiger discovered:

Interestingly, our favourite skiddie, cr4nk, hasn't replied since his second e-mail this morning. Ran out of words in his vocabulary perhaps?

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