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Monday, 27 October 2008 gone again .....

... hopefully for good this time.

The last time APS said they'd removed, they neglected to mention they'd left their IRC server online, then decided for whatever reason, to allow the entire site back. Following my e-mail to, I received the following from Sergey Dubenco (APS/3FN);

Hello, Steven!

We close this server.

This client does not more work with us, and we will endeavour to trace
what this site and his resources did not work on our servers.

In short .... and it's IRC server ( are now gone - again.

Whether or not this is for good this time is anyone's guess (even if they don't pop back up here, it's guaranteed they'll show up somewhere else), but rest assured, we'll be watching.

I would like to thank for their help with this issue, and of course, I'd like to thank yulia for putting the final nail in the coffin (saved me some extra work).


Novalok said...

h4cky0u will be back, and in full force in the coming days. Because just like you sir, we At h4cky0u are Persistent in what we do. If you would learn to research then well you would know that yulia is banned from h4cky0u for being a dumbass and that we posted and i quote " does not condone the attacks against hphosts" But hell if we work by your methods, i will just join your forum and post i want to hack h4cky0u and get you kicked off your server but thats a whole other story. But i guess you won this time.

Lame tactics and stupidity = 1
People with a will to learn = 0

Good Day sir. You have not seen the last of


Unknown said...

okay so you can take us down for a few hours, possibly a day, but we're teh unstoppable

we will just keep on comming back, there's nothing u can do


Anonymous said...

You are only digging yourself a bigger grave, and we will be the ones putting the final nail in yours.

You are not messing with one site that got 40,000 members, one domain, and one server... you are messing with all of us, and we will take you down.

Maybe you can send an abuse letter to h4cky0u ISP's, but we will see how good you deal with people you dont know, websites that doesnt exist, and a whole lot of people who just want you down.

Mr. Ownage said...

h4cky0u is the strength. We'll never be gone.We'll be back,and back to stay! You will get downed,we wont.


~Mr. Ownage

Unknown said...

Why do you hate us so much did we ever do anything to you? Do you find your self cool? you think you are the shit because you do that? you are wrong!!! doing what you are doing is just stupid and you seem like a kid doing that.

SysAdMini said...


Do you think it is cool to steal other peoples credentials, time and money ? No, it's just criminal.

Do you think you are cool if you exploit known vulnerabilities ?
Do you think it is cool to deface web sites ? All this stuff is annoying bullshit and childish behaviour.

Novalok said...

We are back sir, try agian?

Novalok (Admin of

MysteryFCM said...

Nope, not anymore ..... it's not worth the hassle.

Unknown said...

lol fail much?

Unknown said...

Lol I like you you think we are stealing stuf h4cky0u is a forum we don't hack stuf as a site people do it. and so you know alot of them are there to learn programing

Unknown said...

DarkMindZ said...
"...but we will see how good you deal with people you dont know,websites that doesnt exist..."

...but as far as I know,
there exists indeed a DarkMindZ site... ;-)
So I've been thinking...maybe it would be nice to check,
if 'angry' DarkMindZ skiddo can deal as well with unknown people,
that fill reports to his ISP...

Anonymous said...

ya your a failure if it wasnt the internet youd be beating women for auditry

Anonymous said...

failure ur not some sort of oh great king for taking down a forum your a failure who wants attention

Anonymous said...

haha zomg, yes indeed if someone by the name of 'darkmindz' posted on a blogspots, then the domain definitely belongs to that person!

lets say it does, lets just assume that novalok got, h4cky0u got, and zomg got thats just 3 out of... thousands of people that would be planning to take you down. ohnoes....

" 2.6.22-15-server #1 SMP Wed Aug 20 19:08:24 UTC 2008 i686"

one down :O
Now go think some moar, k

Reelix said... is currently being DDoS'd by, but was up for around a week in January - So yea - It's still alive :)

- Reelix