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Friday, 24 October 2008 disabled

Unfortunately, it seems I've annoyed someone. As of yesterday, the main product site ( has become victim of an HTTP attack.

This hasn't died down as of a few minutes ago - they're still going strong, with hundreds of thousands of requests for the following (quite why they chose the following is beyond me).


This is the screenshot for the hpObserver program.

The site itself, was not affected by this, and continued to work without issue. However, FastHosts aren't very patient when it comes to sites hosted with them - having taken down sites for alot less than this. Because of this, I've been in touch with my friend at Inspiratech, and we've agreed that the best course of action until this dies down, is to disable access to the site.

I'll update you all when I've had time to properly investigate, but in the meantime, please accept my apologies for any inconvenience.


Unknown said...

No apologies necessary.

The scum are ticked off because you are cutting into their $$$.

Just because they feel that they earn by illegal methods has nothing to do with it.

OldTabby said...

Absolutely no apology necessary :-)

Gotta love these clowns, I'd say I wonder what they're thinking but that assumes they have enough brains to think!

Bring back National Service, give them something to do, preferably in Iraq!