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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

hpHosts - Download list of ad/tracking servers only

Someone requested I add an option for this at the beginning of February, and instead of providing a seperate file, I thought it best to provide the same kind of file as is available for the hpHosts Partial file.

As of today, you can now download a list of hostnames within the hpHosts database that have the ATS classification. This list excludes ALL others in the database (including those without a classification).

The file is listed under "Additional Downloads" on the hpHosts download page, and can be monitored using either a program such as HostsMan or via script etc (by checking the "Last-Modified" header).

hpHosts - Ad/Tracking Servers Only

1 comment:

cconniejean said...

I like this a lot better in keeping up with ad servers, thank you :O)