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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

hpHosts: One or two changes to note

If you've been to hpHosts in the last 24 hours, you may have noticed one or two modifications. The first is quite obvious if querying a hostname already in the database;

This change was done to make it easier to differentiate between the sites current information, and what is stored in the database for it.

The above screenshot should actually give you a hint as to the second change - the history (shown in the above as "( H )" after the hostname). Clicking the "H" will show you any IP's that are known to be used by the hostname (or at least, those that are logged in the database as used by it). You'll likely notice this more with fast-flux domains such as;

I should note however, these are ONLY updated when someone queries the hostname in the database. I've not got any automation going to try and automagically find any new IP's that a hostname is known to be using.

The final change is the matches. Previously this was linked to as "&DM=1#matches". This was changed to "&view=matches", try and keep things simple. For example;


Just a note folks, the history feature has been expanded to include sites that aren't listed in the database (I'll be keeping a close eye on storage usage however, to ensure the server can handle the storage that's going to be required for this)

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