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Sunday, 22 February 2009

Spambot Search Tool v0.22

Spambot Search Tool v0.22 has been released.


+ Added function to check if server is online
+ Added notes to top of all files
* Moved getURL function to functions.php
* Re-written e-mail validation as a function and moved to functions.php
* Replaced IP validation with function by Mike (
* Moved old IP validation routine to functions.php and re-written as function
* Partial re-write of Spamhaus query routine in check_spammers_plain.php
* Fixed fSpamList SimpleXMLElement check (was only checking $xml->Email instead of all 3)
* Modified ProjectHoneyPot query so "Search Engine" and "Suspicious" aren't flagged when using check_spammers_plain.php
* Fixed SpamHaus query so PBL and CBL aren't flagged when using check_spammers_plain.php


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