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Monday, 9 February 2009

hpHosts: A little clarification

I've had a couple of interesting e-mails recently and thought I'd clarify a few things publicly.

Inclusion of torrent sites

I know some of you have an issue with the torrent sites being included in the hpHosts file. Please note, these were not included due to the adverts on their sites (those are a whole different issue, and something they still need to address, especially given alot of them are adult orientated), but due to alot of the torrents being infected with malware.

If the operators of the torrent sites will start listening to complaints about this, and remove those that are infected, I'd be more than happy to remove them. Sadly at present, the reports myself and others have sent, have went ignored.

False positives

There are alot of concerns with sites being blocked that shouldn't be, such as MySpace. I'll save going into why some of the social networking sites are blocked as I've addressed that before.

However, if you feel any site included, is a false positive, please PLEASE fire me an e-mail! (I can't look into it if I'm not aware of it). As with anything, I'm not immune to mistake, as such, it's not unheard of for sites to be included that shouldn't be, and I'll be more than happy to address issues of such.

/edit 20-06-2009

Now that the forums are back online, the following is a reference concerning MySpace;

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