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Monday, 9 February 2009

Security vendors partnering with Ask (Woops?)

I'll leave you to read what Donna has to say as she's pretty much summed up my thoughts on the subject;

I’m not happy to see that the list of security company who bundle or partner their product or services to ASK is growing.

Why I’m calling the attention of Anti-Spyware Coalition?

Simple. It’s because some members of the said coalition is partnering with ASK. You will see the list of members at

NOTE: CastleCops is still listed as member. The site has been stopped for months now. Not sure if their membership is still OK.

I’m not a lawyer but there are so many papers in the ASC website where the current members should use as guideline or at least basis on what they need to do to help detect a spyware or unacceptable programs or what they call also as “Other Potentially Unwanted Technologies”

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