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Sunday, 22 February 2009

Waledac Theme - Couponizer

It appears that the Waledac authors have decided the share the "love" theme has worn itself out, and have updated the website template to a new theme I have titled the "Couponizer". This new theme is right inline with the "sharing" social engineering trickery we have grown to expect from malware authors. This theme offers to share with you the unsuspecting website visitor money saving coupons that can only be found by downloading and installing their binary, which is really the Waledac Trojan. So instead of them sharing money saving coupons, the end user ends up sharing their bandwidth with the Waledac authors to aid in distributing more of these money saving spam emails and other spamming campaigns. All of this of course in done free of charge to the compromised host, unless your paying for bandwidth under a pay per usage format. Ouch, if you are having to use one of these outdated plans as I can only hope those types plans have long disappeared for your normal residential service connections. Imagine your phone bill if Waledac could infect your handheld device and utilize minutes on your wireless data plan. Not a pretty picture if you ask me.

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