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Monday, 16 February 2009

Linux have scammers too!

Linux has the most die hard fanboys I've ever seen (yep, even more than the MAC fanboys), so you can guarantee this isn't going to end well (and strangely in this case, I actually agree with them - this is nothing more than a scam).

I have nothing against commercial Linux distribution. As a matter of fact, my first Linux experience was a commercial version of SUSE 7 almost nine years ago. I remember it had 6 CDs in a very professionally made CD pack, and SUSE did a very good job at making the installation process as user friendly as possible at that time. (Before SUSE decided to go evil). Its safe to say that I thought that the experience was good enough for me to justify paying for a Linux distribution.

Enter iMagic OS

Its not everyday that you see an announcement of a new commercial Linux distribution. We obviously see a lot of Linux distribution popping up every few days, which is essentially just a fork of some popular distribution out there. So what’s wrong with iMagic OS that its worth talking about?

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Linuxsysconfig chimed in too;

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