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Thursday, 12 February 2009

hpObserver 0.4.6

hpObserver 0.4.6 has now been released.


Fixed: "Index out of bounds" occurs when the file you are importing has an EOL (empty line) at the end of the file

Modified: When importing, you are no longer asked if you want to verify the sites you are importing. Instead, there is a setting for this (Tools > Misc) (see screenshot attached)

Modified: Change notifications are no longer presented when running single pass verification (unusual for this to occur anyway, but I've disabled them for this mode all the same)

Modified: Change notifications in continuous mode can now be disabled (it will log changes to file instead), via Tools > Misc (see screenshot attached)

Modified: If change notifications are enabled, the program will be put on top of all other running programs when a prompt is presented, just incase you happen to be doing something else and don't notice it (this is to prevent it hanging the program)



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