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Sunday, 12 July 2009

Comodo: Watch your staff please (oh and a little correction)

Not content with Melih's blaming MS MVP, Donna Buenaventura for a blog posting by someone else, one of Melih's moderators have gone one step further and posted;

"We should hack her site and post the truth"

Let me make this VERY clear Melih, and I suggest your staff take note. Whether meant seriously or not, this kind of behaviour from self claimed "professionals" working for an alledged, legit security company, are NOT going to do you any favours - quite the opposite.

Looking at the comments on Mike's blog concerning this, shows the Comodo supporters have also not bothered to take note of who actually owns that blog - and it's not Donna. This one for example, by another of Comodo's moderators, shows they evidently don't practice what they preach;

Though this does make for hillarious reading (and a major thanks to Mike for publishing them ;o)).


Comodo and the ongoing trust saga

Comodo continue to issue certificates to known Malware


Gordon said...

Nice work Steve!!
Front street is not a good place to be..when your a liar!!

Unknown said...

As I was the person that made that post, I feel I answer your post.

I am not in anyway associated with Comodo, nor do I receive compensation for my activities on the forum. I am a volunteer moderator and my thoughts are my own. Also when you quote some one please include the whole quote and not juts selected text.

MysteryFCM said...

I did include the whole quote - hence the screenshot.

Unknown said...

No you didn't, You posted:

"We should hack her site and post the truth"

The text is not the whole. Agreed the screen shot is there but not everyone will bother to look at it.

You're just manipulating things.

By the way I take offense at your comment

"self claimed "professionals"

Who the hell are you to pass judgment on my abilities, you have no idea what my skill set is.

MysteryFCM said...

I didn't say anything about your abilities. My point, as you seem to have missed it, is, professionals do not act in such a manner (and thus, would not have "joked" about hacking someones site).

And as far as your comment, I am not manipulating anything - I posted the relevant part of the quote, and left the screenshot of the entire comment - this is how things normally work.

Unknown said...

Perhaps I shouldn't have been so flippant with my remarks, and if it's been taken the wrong way, which of course it will be when you only post part of the quote, I apologise.

As I said, I'm not associated with Comodo in any way. I do what I do on the forums because I enjoy helping people.

Your comment regarding professionalism, or lack of it in my case, is still unjustified. Using the term "self claimed" and grouping all the moderators in to a single category, because of a one comment I made, is plain wrong. and I personally regard it as an insult.

Feel free to take me, personally to task, for the comment I made but do not attack the other volunteers on the forum.

Gordon said...

Toggie, what you otta be doing is
apologize personally to Donna
in that forum at Melihs
in that thread

Grandisian said...

Grandisian (Or Liverpudlian932...)

To pasa: Whatever is your skill set, even though you are just a volunteer at the forums, YOU'RE AN ADMINISTRATOR. It is unacceptable behaviour that an administrator makes such crude jokes about others.