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Thursday, 2 July 2009

What a wonderful month .....

It's only July 3rd, and so far this month has been absolutely wonderful. On July 1st I started my first company (to be called "MysteryFCM Research" - I finally settled on a name), and was awarded the Microsoft MVP award for Consumer Security, and on July 2nd, with the help of EUKHost, I had 3 malicious sites taken down in under 24 hours.

EUKHost are based in Durham, which is not too far from myself, and due to their response time, have earned themselves second place in the list of hosts quickest to respond to, and take action on, abuse reports (Freehostia still hold the record of less than 10 minutes!).

In this case, the 3 sites involved are;

Sadly, is still online. Unlike the other two, it resolves to two other IP addresses, and, both IP's belong to Senpai IT Solutions (known for hosting rogues), based in Ireland and apparently, part of the Russian Business Network.

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